What Others Say


“…one step behind comfortable shoes as a necessity for the air traveler…I hope (this guide) lives forever.” 

                                                                    –The New York Times

“I know of no other source where I can get ALL the up-to-date options for getting from the airport into the city — often the most stressful part of my journey.”

                                                            –John McManus,
                                                               Former Airline Executive,
                                                               Founder of MAGELLAN’S Travel Supplies

  “...this book is almost literally worth its weight (3 oz.) in gold…If your experience is at all like mine, (it) will pay for itself several times over with your first use.”

                                                                      –The Travel Insider

“To untangle the alternatives and stay within your budget, use Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide…”

                                                                     –National Geographic Traveler

“This guide covers just about all the options for airport access – taxi, bus, rail, and shuttle – with fares, travel times, and pickup points… it’s a useful reference for any traveler who heads for unfamiliar airports more than once or twice a year.”

                                                              –Consumer Reports Travel Letter

“We’ve found (this guide) especially helpful over the years.”

                                                          –Arthur Frommer, Author-Publisher
                                                            Frommer’s Travel Guides

The definitive source on ground transportation services.”

                                          –Frankfurt International Airport

“…as indispensable a tool for strategic planning on the road as the OAG.”

                                         –The Los Angeles Times

“I consider it an invaluable tool for the world traveler.  For a person who doesn’t like surprises, it certainly gives me an idea of what to expect…in public and private transportation from airports to the cities.”

                                                                                                  –Brook Hill Snow
                                                                                                     Syndicated Travel Writer






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