Monthly Archives: February 2011

LA Times Calls ATG ‘Thorough…Indispensable’

Web Buzz review in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Travel Section (2/27/11) praises the new Airport Transit Guide app. For the full review, click HERE



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‘ATG’ Hits List of Top 100 Travel Apps

In less than 2 1/2 months since its launch, the Airport Transit Guide app has reached the single-day list of the top 100 Travel Apps in the U.S. iTunes market — as well as in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom!  (NOTE: There are more than 12,700 iTunes Travel Apps.)

‘Airport Transit Guide’ Scores 5-STAR Average

Salk International's Airport Transit Guide

Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide has achieved an unusual milestone in the app world in less than two months since its debut.  On Jan. 31, with the posting of a fifth 5-star review, it moved from “No Ratings — Not Enough to Average” to “AVERAGE 5 STARS.”

To read the reviews, you will need to click two more times after clicking HERE (click on “View in iTunes,” then scroll down and click on “Customer Reviews All Versions [5]”).