LONG BEACH, Calif.–An updated and enhanced version of Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide app for iPhone and iPad is now available at the iTunes App Store. It sells for $4.99, but the updated version is free to those who have already purchased the app.  A Lite Version offering two sample cities is free.  The full version covers more than 460 airports.

In a related announcement, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Ron Salk said that, in response to numerous requests from smartphone owners, the app is expected to be on Android by the end of June.

Designated 25th Edition, Version 1.3, it has hundreds of data changes and additional airports.  It also features new search functions — by IATA code or city name as well as by alphabetical listing — and is designed as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad, taking full advantage of iPad’s larger, sharper screen.

Another new enhancement is the inclusion of a landscape mode to make it easier to read arrival and departure information when connected to an airport website.  While this is not the purpose of the app, according to Salk, the interactive connection to airport sites has proven to be a popular and unexpected benefit for the traveler.

The app gives the traveler interactive wireless connectivity to airport and transportation-company websites and telephones.  But once the app is downloaded to the user’s device, a wireless connection is not required to access detailed price and schedule information for taxis, shuttles, limousines, buses, trains, and parking.

A further enhancement, according to Salk, is that the app will no longer carry advertising.  “We have 99% 5-star reviews,” Salk said, “except for a couple of 4-star reviewers who did not think we should accept ads, even though they were not transportation related. We agree.”

The Airport Transit Guide , founded in 1982, was converted from print to digital in December, 2010, with its 25th Edition. It is subtitled, “How to Get From the Airport to the City Worldwide.”  Since going digital, it has several times been among the Top 10 Travel Apps in the U.S. and internationally.


The guide is published by Salk International, LLC.  For more information, go to

http://www.airport-transit-guide.com  or contact: editor@airport-transit-guide.com 

Upon request, a free promo code is available to editors and bloggers to download the app for review.





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