LONG BEACH, Calif.–After some two years of success as an app on iPhone and iPad, Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide, arrived July 3 as an Android app for smartphones, available at Google’s Play Store and, shortly, at Amazon Apps.  It sells for $4.99, including free updates to this version (1.3), and covers more than 460 airports worldwide.  A Lite version, offering two sample cities, is free.”In response to many hundreds of requests from smartphone owners, we finally had to launch the Android app,” said Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Ron Salk. “We should have done so sooner, but other priorities intervened,” he added.

Designated 25th Edition, Version 1.3, it features more airports than ever before, hundreds of data changes, and new search functions.   Once it is downloaded to the user’s device, a wireless connection is not needed to access detailed price, schedule, and route information for taxis, shuttles, limousines, buses, and trains, as well as parking rates and other useful advice.   See: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.salk.atg

The app also gives the traveler interactive wireless connectivity to airport and transportation-company websites and telephones.  While this is not its main purpose, interactive connection to airport sites has proven to be a popular and unexpected bonus for the traveler who wishes to access, for example, flight arrival and departure information. A landscape feature has been added to make this information more readable.

The Airport Transit Guide, founded in 1982, was converted from print to digital in 2010, with its 25th Edition.  Subtitled “How to Get From the Airport to the City Worldwide,”   it has several times been among the Top 10 Travel Apps in the U.S. and internationally.

The app will not carry advertising.  “We had 99% 5-star reviews,” Salk said, “except for a couple of iPhone reviewers who did not think we should accept ads on a paid app, even though they were not transportation related.  We agreed and dropped the ads.”


The guide is published by Salk International, LLC.  For more information, go to http://www.airport-transit-guide.com or contact: editor@airport-transit-guide.com

Upon request, a free download is available to editors and bloggers who wish to review either the Android app or the iPhone/iPad app.





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