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In response to some travel agents and travelers who miss our print edition of the ATG (suspended in 2007), be aware that our new Android app for smartphones is also available on Amazon for download to most Kindles.  It’s like having the print edition with you on your journeys.  And it’s only $4.99 (print edition was $9.95)!  Enjoy!

And it’s available on Google Play and Amazon for most other tablets, as it is on iTunes for the iPad.

‘BUSINESS TRAVEL RADIO’ Spotlights ‘ATG’ in Nationwide Interview

Sandy Dhuyvetter, host and producer of the longtime popular syndicated “Travel Talk Radio” and “Business Travel Radio,” aired a nine-minute interview with “ATG” Editor Ron Salk, Aug. 18, announcing the launch of his Android smartphone app.  (The iPhone version was launched in 2010.)  To listen in, click to “open in new window” here

The Wisdom of Jonathan Winters

“If God had intended us to fly, he would have made it easier to get to the airport.”

                                                                                              –Jonathan Winters

(Or he would have given us the Airport Transit Guide app on iPhone or Android smartphones!)  –A friend of Ron Salk’s


FLASH!  With ‘Airport Transit Guide’ now an Android app, you can download it to your KINDLE FIRE by going to  Also to your Samsung, Nexus, and most other tablets by going to Google Play Store.

‘JoeSentMe’ Won’t Forgive Us

Now For Your Android Phone: The Airport Transit Guide I understand why he made the move, but I’ve never completely forgiven the affable Ron Salk for retiring the print edition of the Airport Transit Guide. That compact little book was one of my constant companions on the road because it gave complete, concise airport-to-city travel information and options. Salk made the move to app-only late in 2010, but it was only available for iPhone. Now Salk has released an edition for smartphones that run Android. It sells for $4.99 and you can get it from the Android marketplace here. The iPhone edition is here. Go buy it. You’ll save money and learn things

‘The Travel Insider’ Welcomes ‘ATG’ Android App

Salk’s Airport Transit Guide now Available on Android

I’ve written several times about Ron Salk’s wonderful Airport Transit Guide, and every time I enthusiastically endorse it as a must-have travel companion when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations.

Formerly a printed book, he switched to eBook format a few years ago, initially only for iOS – iPhones and iPads.  The most recent version of the eBook came out just a month ago, and I reviewed it here.

And now, at long last, it is available for Android powered devices, too.  You can now get it through the Google Store (it is an App, not a Book) and hopefully perhaps even already today, through the Amazon Marketplace too.

You’ll find it $5 very well spent.



LONG BEACH, Calif.–After some two years of success as an app on iPhone and iPad, Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide, arrived July 3 as an Android app for smartphones, available at Google’s Play Store and, shortly, at Amazon Apps.  It sells for $4.99, including free updates to this version (1.3), and covers more than 460 airports worldwide.  A Lite version, offering two sample cities, is free.”In response to many hundreds of requests from smartphone owners, we finally had to launch the Android app,” said Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Ron Salk. “We should have done so sooner, but other priorities intervened,” he added.

Designated 25th Edition, Version 1.3, it features more airports than ever before, hundreds of data changes, and new search functions.   Once it is downloaded to the user’s device, a wireless connection is not needed to access detailed price, schedule, and route information for taxis, shuttles, limousines, buses, and trains, as well as parking rates and other useful advice.   See: Continue reading

iPhone/iPad Updates & Android Launch

Free iPhone/iPad updates of airport information will be posted before the end of May. Watch for the update alert on your iOS device.  

These will be followed by the long-awaited launch of the AIRPORT TRANSIT GUIDE for Android smartphones, probably sometime in June.

–Ron Salk

Transit Tips

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