iPhone/iPad Updates & Android Launch

Free iPhone/iPad updates of airport information will be posted before the end of May. Watch for the update alert on your iOS device.  

These will be followed by the long-awaited launch of the AIRPORT TRANSIT GUIDE for Android smartphones, probably sometime in June.

–Ron Salk


NY Times’ Tedeschi Recommends ‘Airport Transit Guide’ as ‘One of My Top 3 Airport Apps’

Bob Tedeschi, “App Smart,” reviewed the Airport Transit Guide  today, saying that “anyone who plans to travel internationally more than once in a lifetime would do well to download the guide.”  For the complete review, go to The New York Times.

‘JoeSentMe’ Picks the ‘Must-Have’ Business Travel Apps for 2012

Joe Brancatelli (“JoeSentMe”) has just published his selection of the apps every business traveler must have in 2012, with the Airport Travel Guide’s iPhone/iPad/iPod app as one of only five in the airport category.  He says, “Here are the absolute essential apps that improve the quality of your life on the road,” and he calls the Airport Transit Guide “an irreplaceable resource.”  To see the complete list of “Must-Have” Business Travel Apps, go to http://bit.ly/yyQPqQ

Top 10: Thanks to All of Our Friends and Fans

Thanks to all those travelers who purchased our Airport Transit Guide iPhone/iPad/iPod app.  Today it hit the Top 10 of all 14,000 travel apps, catapulting into 9th place!  And, though we are 29 years old, this is our 1st Anniversary as an app.  Nice gift!


Check out our listing on http://www.10travelapps.com/ or on iTunes.

Ed Perkins Praises ATG App as “Landmark,” “Invaluable”

Veteran travel journalist Ed Perkins — he was founding editor of Consumer Reports Travel Letter reviewed us in his sydnicated weekly column and website, www.mybusinesstravel.com  He had this to say about apps “that are new to me, or upgraded”:

Salk International (www.airport-transit-guide.com) has completely overhauled its landmark Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide, both in coverage and format…Currently you can download it from the iTunes store for a sale price of $4.99…I’ve used and written about this invaluable guide for almost all of the three decades of its existence, and I can only echo the rave notices posted on various travel review sites.  It’s especially helpful when you’re about to visit a foreign city for the first time.

Joe Sent Me calls ATG “probably the best investment you can make”

Last week we told Joe Brancatelli that we were posting a holiday sale for the Airport Transit Guide. Joe runs the exclusive travel website Joe Sent Me, which caters to business and professional travelers and is widely read in the travel industry. He had this to say:

The Airport Transit Guide was the bible for travelers who prefer to use mass transit to commute to and from airports around the world. Well, it was the bible until creator Ron Salk discontinued the printed guide and morphed his data on hundreds of airport transit options into an iPhone app. Now the app is the virtual bible for travelers who use mass transit for airport travel. And between November 11 and January 1, the $9.99 regular price of the app is slashed by 50 percent. If you’re an iPhone user and a business traveler, the $4.99 you’ll spend for the Airport Transit Guide is probably the best investment you can make.

We agree, and hope that the Airport Transit Guide helps you in your travels. As many reviewers and customers have noted, the app pays for itself in the first use. If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, give it a try.

TRAVEL INSIDER Strongly Recommends the Airport Transit Guide

David Rowell recently posted a great review of the Airport Transit Guide on his highly respected blog, The Travel Insider. We are reposting it here:

 Still talking about travel innovations, electronic books, and bargains, I’m delighted to be able to tell you about a wonderful bargain being offered for a short time by a good friend of The Travel Insider, Ron Salk.

Ron publishes a gem of a little book called the Airport Transit Guide.  It gives you wonderfully useful information on how to travel between major airports around the world and the cities they serve.  I rely on it whenever I’m going somewhere new, and often refer back to it when going somewhere familiar, too.  Ron’s been doing this for almost 30 years now and has his book and the information inside it down to a fine art (or should that be science?).

I reviewed the print version back in 2005, and last December he enhanced it to digital format, available for any type of iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad).  Since then he’s updated what he is referring to as his 25th Edition several times (updates are easier for electronic reference guides than for print ones) and now he is offering the guide at half price from today through the end of the year.  A mere $4.99.

I’ve regularly saved much more than $5 from his advice – even much more than $50; – particularly in learning how to take trains between cities and airports so this has to be one of the great travel bargains of the year.  If you have an iOS device, or know a friend who does, this would be a great present to give to yourself or to them.

Here’s a link to my review of the electronic version of Ron Salk’s Airport Transit Guide to tell you more about it, and there’s a link from there to the iTunes store if you choose to buy it.  Recommended.

We thank David for his review and highly encourage you to check out the Airport Transit Guide for yourself.


LONG BEACH, CA—Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide is helping travelers save even more time, stress and money this holiday season by offering the guide at 50% off.  The guide is available on iTunes for $4.99 from November 11 through January 1, instead of the regular price of $9.99.

The guide can also be sent as a gift through the iTunes “gift this app” option, and makes a great gift for any traveler who has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide, often referred to as “the bible for the air traveler,” is now digitally published as a standalone app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app replaced the 28-year old print edition to provide easier access and updates to travelers, and includes more than 10,000 changes since the last print edition, as well as free updates.

The app includes:

  • Taxi rates to the city and outlying points, plus tipping advice
  • Prices, Schedules and Routes  for airport coaches, limousines, shuttles, trains, subways and buses
  • Website and telephone listing of airports, taxi, and shuttle-limousine services
  • Airport parking rates
  • Inter-airport connections, cruise-port transfers, helicopter service and much more!

The guide functions as an aid to the traveler who asks, “How do I get from the airport to the city?” The guide has long been one of the most highly regarded travel guides since its debut in 1982 and now covers nearly 500 airports around the world and thousands of transit options, including fares and schedules.

“Most travelers who have used the guide have told me that it paid for itself on its very first use,” said Ron Salk, editor and publisher of Salk International’s Airport Transit Guide. “It is designed to give choices that will save the traveler time and money, while reducing stress upon arrival.”

As an app, the guide provides easily searchable information without the need for cell phone service or an Internet connection, which is not always reliable in unfamiliar locations. The new app, when used with a wireless connection, provides one-touch phone dialing and website access to airports and transportation companies all over the world.

“The guide completes the world traveler’s digital arsenal of flight, hotel, and restaurant apps, and provides a wealth of information with a few simple touches.” Salk said.  “We’re hoping that this holiday season, we can help traveler find easy, quick and affordable options to get to their destination.”


The BBC-TV’s FastTrack travel segment today praised the Airport Transit Guide as an invaluable aid to the traveler, calling attention to the app’s interactive links and its thorough coverage of nearly 500 airports around the world.  The segment was repeated throughout the day.  Thank you, British Broadcasting Corporation, for your kind words.   Here, following tips on saving and trading your airline miles, is the BBC’s segment on the Airport Transit Guide iPhone app.

‘Airport Transit Guide’ Posts Free Transit Tips; Scores 1st Qtr. Ratings

In its 1st quarter, the Airport Transit Guide garnered 5-star ratings and hit the list of Top 100 Travel Apps in the U.S. and nine other nations.  For the full story, click HERE